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Close Joint-Stock Company (ZAO) “TECHNO” was set up on the base of finishing production of Joint stock company “Zagorskiy opticko-mechanicheskiy zavod” in April 2005. The main type of activity is applying of plating, chemical and paint coatings to the components made of nonferrous and ferrous materials or plastic. All jobs are carried out by the skilled and qualified workers with the help of home and imported  high-performance equipment. All coatings are applied in conformity with GOST (all-Union State Standard) 9.301-86, GOST 9.305-84 (plating coatings), GOST 9.074-77, GOST 9.032-74, GOST 9.402-80, GOST 9.410-88 (paint coatings) etc. We carry out the in-process measurement and quality control during the whole procedure.
Our company carries out the application of the following types of coatings:

  • Plating and chemical coatings:
  • Weak acid and alkaline electrolyte zinc plating with  home and imported brilliance-forming additives followed by color,  black, and clear  passivation of steel parts;
  • Normal electrolyte bright chroming of the steel parts, copper and  aluminum  alloy components   with  home and imported brilliance-forming additives;
  • Bright and wear resistant chromium plating of the steel and copper alloy parts;
  • Black chroming;
  • Mould chroming;
  • Matte and bright copper plating (acid and alkaline) of the steel, copper and aluminum alloy parts as well as zinc-aluminum alloy components;
  • Tin-coating of the steel and copper alloy parts;
  • Alloy coating (tin-bismuth and tin-cobalt);
  • Cyanide-free electrolyte silver plating
  • Anodic oxidation of aluminum and aluminum alloys  with anode film to be filled with black dyestuff, colored dyestuff or chromate salts;
  • Electroinsulating (breakdown voltage up to 500V) and wear resistant oxidation of aluminum alloys in the oxalic acid;
  • Anodic oxidation of aluminum alloys  in the chromic acid;
  • Chemical oxidation of aluminum alloys;
  • Chemical polishing of aluminum alloys;
  • Black chemical oxidation of aluminum alloys;
  • Chemical oxidation of steel;
  • Chemical oxidation of magnesium alloys;
  • Chemical oxidation of brass;
  • Passivation ob brass
  • Anodic oxidation of copper alloys.
  • At  the vacant premises of our company we can carry out commissioning or manufacturing application of new  galvanic and chemical coatings and technologies on customer’s demand on mutually beneficial conditions.
  • Paint coatings:
  • Protective-decorative coatings by any liquid varnish and enamels by means of airstream atomization.
  • Coating by home and imported powder paints by means of tribostatic and electrostatic spray.
  • We have developed the technology of soft-touch varnish application on the plastic and metal parts.

In addition to coating application our company can provide:

  • production of nameplates and trademarks by means of photoexposure technique on the aluminum blanks of 0,5-1mm in thickness.
  • Application of inscriptions, symbols and other images to the plane parts by means of offset or screen printing.


Imported galvanic and chemical semiautomatic lines

foto_3.jpg foto_4.jpg

Home still-plating baths


Imported painting lines



Home powder coloring equipment


We provide services for both large companies or organizations and small firms. We cooperate with more than 120 companies.
At the company there are some vacant industrial premises with engineering utilities (from 70 to 450 m2) and office rooms (from 60 to 500 m2) which we rent out. We are looking for the interested parties to cooperate with on mutually beneficial conditions.
ZAO “Techno” managing director – Felix Stepanov
ZAO “Techno” chief accountant – Tatiana Zaitseva
ZAO “Techno” chief engineer – Evgeniy Kurochkin
ZAO “Techno” master mechanic – Sergey Kolchev

Address: 141300, Moscow Region, Sergiev Posad, av. Krasnoy Armii, 212B
Tel. 8-49654-6-94-44, 6-92-68
Fax: 8-49654-2-48-45; 495-660-07-49
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